At Creek Street Christian College our Senior College includes Year 9 to Year 12 classes. We have one class at each year level.

Core subjects taught at Middle College continue on into Year 9 with some additional elective subjects offered. At the Year 9 & 10 level a wide range of elective subjects are offered. Our aim at this level of the college is to maintain the strong delivery of key subject areas such as Mathematics, Science and English as well as widen the studentsā€™ perspectives and experiences of other areas which may lead to potential career options later in life.

Students at this level continue to be tested regularly. Feedback from these tests is given to parents via our reporting system which operates on a term by term basis. Literacy and Numeracy remain a key focus for all students. Working with students we establish good study habits and the ability to work independently thus equipping them for further studies after Year 12.

Respect for others including their peers, their parents and their teachers is expected as they learn how to present themselves in a positive and confident way. We want each of our young people to leave us at the end of Year 12 with a clear concept of how important they are as an individual in relationship with God and with others.

The partnership we enjoy with our parents in this learning process has enabled us to produce some excellent students who excel at their further studies.Ā