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Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) which enables teachers to communicate homework and classwork related material to students and parents. For applicable classes, students have a username and password to log in and access this resource. Parents can also access Canvas to view their child’s progress.

To join Canvas please click on the link below and then on click on the “Parent of a Canvas User?
You will need to fill out the form shown below. The Child’s Username is the username the student uses to log into the school network. The child’s password is the date of birth of the student .
For example:-
As in DD/MM/YY
With Day of month and month of year having a leading zero if less than 10.
For the year it is a 2 digit representation, including leading zero if less than 10.


School Interviews Online is available for parents to book interview times with teachers for Parent/Teacher Interviews at school. Details of how to use this website are emailed to parents approximately 2 weeks prior to Parent/Teacher Interviews.