At Creek Street Christian College our Middle College includes Year 5 to Year 8 classes. We double-stream at Year 7 and 8 and have one class at year 5 and 6 level; there are no composite classes.

Our aim at the Middle College level is to continue to build on the strong learning foundation begun in Junior College and then to help our students transition into the Senior College level of the college.

We gradually introduce a wider range of subjects and incorporate some movement between rooms to help make this transition a smooth one.

Year 8 students are the leaders of Middle College and we have House Captains and Vice House Captains from this class of students.

The Year 5 & 6 classes have their own homeroom teachers plus some specialist teachers for Art, Music, Physical Education, History and Geography, Health and Foods and French.

At the Year 7 and 8 level all students study Woodwork, Food Technology and Textiles to assist them with basic life skills. These are in addition to other key learning areas as outlined in the Australian Curriculum. 

Our Year 7 students also commence using their own individual devices; iPads. The use of these is designed to enhance our teaching and to give a wider variety of learning opportunities to students as they move up through the school. The use of iPads is closely monitored by staff and they represent just one teaching tool used within classes. Our classrooms continue to be structured at this level and intentionally include handwriting as the primary method of completing learning tasks.