Extra Curricular

Lunch time activities

At all levels of the college we provide regular lunch time activities planned and conducted by a teacher.

These activities further encourage our young people to develop an active lifestyle through physical activity but also provide opportunities for a wider breadth of passtime interests Eg. art and poetry.


College Netball Teams

Students from Year 3 through to Year 10 are invited to participate in a Creek Street Christian College netball team. Depending on the age level the competitions vary, however, we usually have more than one primary age team.


Fiji Sister School and Student Missions Trip

Each year students in Year 9 and 10 are given opportunity to travel to our sister school – Northern Christian Training Centre Primary School, Labasa, Fiji.

This is an amazing life experience for all those students that have been able to travel to Fiji with us and one they will always remember.

The excitement is in working with young Fijians who are eager to learn and love to befriend our students. Our older students have the freedom to lead our young friends in their classes, in sports afternoons, swimming lessons and Chapel sessions. All of these activities are enormous fun as well as a significant learning experience for Fijians and Australian’s alike. Fijians love to have fun.

It is a privilege to be able to support the Fijian students and to join with our school community to provide them with additional learning resources that they would not otherwise have.

Small things for us make a very big difference to the children at NCTC Primary School.


Worship Team

Our Junior, Middle and Senior sections of the college all provide opportunities who love singing or play an instrument to be part of our worship teams. As the name suggests these teams lead worship at the start of each of the respective Chapel sessions. Students in Year 3 to Year 10 are eligible to participate. The Junior Worship team has been active in going out to various community spaces to perform, particularly in the lead up to Christmas.


Energy Breakthrough Program

Senior students are each year given the opportunity to be part of the Creek Street Human Powered Vehicle program. The main event is the race at Maryborough usually held in November.

Students train prior to this event to improve their fitness so they can pedal the cart but they also must prepare the carts and know personally how they work and why they are built the way they are.

The challenge is to find innovative ways from year to year to make the cart faster and more efficient. Our Creek Street team has been extremely successful over the years and in 2013 won both divisions in which we were entered.  For the size of our school that is an extremely commendable result.

We look forward to seeing what this year’s team can do but most importantly we are keen to provide our young people with this important opportunity which includes much learning and many other life skills as well.


Chess Club

Each week we are pleased to provide our Middle College students with a lunch time chess club. Students are invited to come along and learn to play or continue to play and use their already known strategies to compete.

The lunch time sessions culminate in a chess tournament and the victor is the recipient of our Chess Club trophy.


Book Club

Tuesday is Book Club day. All Junior students are invited to come together in the college library to spend time reading and sharing books. The Book Club students are very privileged to see all of the new books that come into the library first. A Book Club party is an important event for those students who have attended regularly throughout the year. This is one way we encourage our youngest students to spend time with others across the year levels, but more importantly to develop a life-long love of learning.