Early Learning Centre


In 2017 we opened a Kindergarten, located on Myrtle Street (access through Creek St school site). Kinder@CreekSt.  aims to provide a safe and secure learning environment exploring Christian beliefs and values in partnership with parents. Together we seek to foster the education, well-being and development of every child. Our delight is providing opportunities to support each child’s life long journey of developing foundational concepts and skills within a caring and loving environment.

We will provide authentic and engaging learning opportunities for four-year-old children to explore, investigate and learn more about themselves and their world. We believe children are created to be naturally inquisitive and creative. We endeavour to encourage them to develop their potential, use their unique gifts, natural abilities and tendencies to explore their world. Kinder@CreekSt. provides a firm educational foundation and stepping stone into the community of Creek Street Christian College. Children will be encouraged to develop investigative, inquiry-based skills, curiosity and wonder through projects inspired through the emergent learning curriculum.



Our Curriculum will follow the Early Years Learning Framework, providing opportunities for children to:

· Engage in play-based learning.

· Develop a strong sense of wonder and curiosity.

· Explore and learn about their world through a Christian perspective.

· Build confidence.

· Learn to communicate well with other children and adults.

· Develop a strong sense of well being.

· Gain a rich, strong foundation for school.

· Learn to interact with the school community.

· Transition successfully into our Prep Program.


Facilities & Staff

Our learning spaces provide a safe, stimulating, and engaging learning environment and embrace natural elements of light and space. Outside, students learn in a natural playscape that contributes to experiential learning and discovery.

Staff will:

· Guide, support and encourage the development of each child’s interest, imagination and understanding.

· Encourage and nurture each child’s God-given gifts and talents.

· Provide an environment that offers encouragement, success, challenge, curiosity and stimulation.

· Share children’s learning discoveries and successes through recorded observations with parents and guardians

· Work with parents and Creek Street Christian College Junior School to provide a holistic approach to learning.

For further information, read the Kinder@CreekSt. FAQ.