Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program

Secondary Students studying at CSCC are required to supply their own device for use at CSCC as part of the college’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.

A central aim of the college’s BYOD program is to support the use of BYODs, more specifically iPads from Year 7-9 and notebook/tablets for Year 10 with iPads from the previous year still able to be utilised. To assist acquiring these devices at a reasonable cost, the college provides the below links which summarise devices deemed appropriate as a BYOD as well as listing devices which would not be suitable.

Year 10:  Student BYOD Program 2019 – Year 10

Years 7-9: Student iPad Purchase Guide

Why do students need a device?

Students need to be able to electronically communicate, create content, interact with others and electronically submit work while studying at CSCC. Significant examples of the college’s use of digital tools include the use of Canvas, email, Internet and other digital resources. Canvas allows all students to see details of their course and electronically submit tasks, is used for online reporting and monitoring of every students’ progress, and allows for student and parent/carer access.

Where can I purchase a new device from?

To assist with a purchase of a new device for use at CSCC, the following two portals are available for students to access. These 2 portals have been setup with:

1. Learning with Technologies (LWT) and,
2. Apple

Year 10 – Windows based Devices

Windows BYODs can be purchased from Learning with Technologies (LWT). Students can access the LWT portal using the following link.

Years 7-9

Apple based devices can be purchased via the Apple site, telesales or at an Apple store students can purchase a range of Apple devices at educational prices. Not all of the products on the Apple site are appropriate as BYOD devices as the list includes non-portable devices. While students at CSCC can purchase any of the devices from the Apple site, students should read the advice from the above links to understand what might be appropriate prior to making any BYOD purchasing decision. Students can also place Apple orders via telesales by calling Apple on 133-622. Parents should advise the telesales agent that Creek Street Christian College is part of the Family Funded Program. Apple Stores (being not just any store selling Apple but Apple’s own stores – see list team can now support CSCC students making a purchase by linking the transaction to Creek Street Christian College BYOD, Post Code : 3550. Automatic pricing will apply.

Students can access the Apple site using the following link. (Please note this link will only work when clicked on from this page).

An important note about theft and warranties

Creek Street Christian College does NOT provide insurance or warranty to cover theft or damage to student’s device. We recommend that you give consideration towards purchasing an extended warranty and insurance when purchasing a new laptop. Your family’s home and contents insurance may cover it; however, it would be best to check prior to purchase. Warranties and insurance assist with timely repairs and reduce the chance of your student being without a device for an extended period of time.

Setup Procedure for new iPads

Students are required to have their iPad setup ready to use on the first day of term 1, please follow instructions in this link to setup your child’s iPad.

How do I access my FREE Microsoft Office application license?

The Microsoft Office application is made available to students whilst they are enrolled at Creek Street Christian College through the College’s licensing package. It can be installed on your student’s laptop via the ‘Get Office 365 for free’ section at the below link using your child’s college email address (i.e. and clicking on the ‘Get Office For Free’ button.