Creek Street Christian College

Uniform & Grooming

The wearing of the school uniform is compulsory and items must be purchased from the College Uniform Shop. Items other than these are not acceptable. All articles must be clearly named before being brought to school.

Students should be clean, neat and tidy at all times, and the uniform should be worn in a way that brings credit to the student and the College.

  • Clothes that are torn, have buttons missing, hems down, are discoloured or worn out should not be worn.
  • Shoes should be kept clean and polished.
  • Summer shirts may generally be worn not tucked in, but must be tucked in when wearing a jumper or blazer. Winter shirts for boys and girls must be worn with a tie and kept tucked in.
  • Students are not permitted to wear sports uniform items with normal day school uniform.
  • Jumpers, polo shirts etc. should fit comfortably.

Specific details on uniform and grooming requirements are contained in the Parent Handbook.