Creek Street Christian College

Enrolment Procedure

Parents who are willing to support the Christian philosophy of our College and who agree to their children fully participating in the programs of the College, are free to apply for enrolment. The College embraces the principles of equal opportunity and expects families to be supportive of the College’s objectives.

Prospective parents should:

  • Obtain and read a copy of the Parent Handbook.
  • Contact the College office to arrange a tour of the College and an appointment time to see the Principal.
  • If possible, both parents and the student(s) to be enrolled, should attend the interview with the Principal. A copy of the student’s most recent school report(s) should be brought to the interview.
  • Submit the completed Enrolment Application form 
  • The College will notify parents of the success or otherwise of their enrolment application.
  • Payment of an enrolment fee $200 ($100 of which is returned to the applicants fee account upon student commencement) is then required to secure the placement. If parents fail to respond to a placement offer within two weeks, the place will be offered to another family.