Creek Street Christian College



November 18

Junior School 2015 Information Night

November 19

Prep 2015 Transition Day

November 20

Year 9 English exam (am)

Year 10 English exam (pm)

November 21

Year 10 Science exam (am)

Prep Excursion to Lego display

Nude Food Day

November 21 - 23

Human Powered Vehicle HPV - Energy Breakthrough Race in Maryborough

November 22

FINAL Working Bee 8:30am - 12noon

November 24

Year 10 Maths exam (pm)

Responsible Pet Ownership Presentation Prep - Year4

November 25

Prep 2015 Transition Day

Year 9 Maths exam (am)

Year 10 VCE Business Management exam (pm)

Year 7 Graduation Picnic

November 28

Prep & Year 1 Excursion to Castlemaine by train

December 2

Year 10 Graduation Dinner for students & parents

December 4

Report Writing Day 

December 5

Orientation Day

Monday December 8

Activity Day

JUNIOR School Celebration

Final Day Junior Students 

Tuesday December 9

MIDDLE and SENIOR School Awards Night 

Final Event Senior and Middle School students


January 23

Book Collection Day

January 27-30

Staff Professional Learning and Planning Days


February 2

Day 1

March 27

Final Day of Term 1


April 13

Day 1

June 19

Final Day of Term 2


July 13 and 14

Staff Professional Learning Days

July 15

Day 1

September 18

Final Day of Term 3


October 6

Day 1

December 7

JUNIOR School Awards Night

Final event for Junior School

December 8

MIDDLE and SENIOR School Awards Night

Final event for Middle & Senior School

As we are able to give early notification of holiday periods for the year we would ask that parents make every effort to ensure that their children are at school at all times during they year. It is our college request that families do not take holidays during school terms.

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